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Discover the Aveyron

The Amorièrs are located near emblematic places: Conques, Belcastel, Estaing, Millau Viaduct, Laguiole, the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses (vast limestone plateaux), the Aubrac, Albi...



Here are some ideas of visits, activities and events to prepare your journey.

The most beautiful villages in France



A journey for eyes pleasure, in a region that has 10 of the most beautiful villages in France. An exceptional building heritage!

At a quarter hour from the gite, visit one of the high cultural place, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Conques, masterpiece of the Romanesque art. You can walk in its narrow alleys and see its old houses with their timber framing and their roofs of shale tiles. Visit the Abbey Church and St Foy’s treasury. It’s a major step on the route to Santiago de Compostela.

The charming villages nearby the gite



In a radius of 15 kilometres, Marcillac-Vallon, Clairvaux, Muret le Château, Salles la Source, Villecomtal, Rodelle, La Vinzelle..., are all typical villages in the Valley of Marcillac where it’s nice to walk and enjoy the traditional building in red sandstone.

The Aubrac



At a little hour by car, you can discover the big wild spaces of the Aubrac, conducive for hiking, unless your route takes you to the knives of Laguiole manufacture or the Jeune Montagne cooperative where the Laguiole cheese (used in the aligot, a traditional meal) is made.

The Millau Viaduct



Discover the Natural Park of the Grands Causses (vast limestone plateaux). Pass by the Millau Viaduct, the highest and longer of Europe to arrive to the Templars cities and visit the cellars of Roquefort.

Activities and proximity


  • - Hiking, mountain biking, swimming pool, horse riding, tennis, golf, canoeing, fishing…
  • - Treetop, Animal Park, aquatic centre of Rodez, hydropathic establishment of Cransac…
  • - Castle of Colomiers, castle of Calmont d’Olt, wine-making cellars of Marcillac (registered designation of origin)…


The hikers and walkers will find in Aveyron a diversity of exceptional landscapes, the abundance of fauna and flora makes of each step a discovery. The Aveyron has more than 900 km of long hiking routes and 3000 km of shorter ones.

The Wine Route – Marcillac



Developed by the monks of Conques more than 1000 years ago, the vineyard of Marcillac has today more than 200 hectares of vineyard and about 15 production points which allow to about 50 winemakers to live their passion.



Go on the Wine Route of Marcillac and share the know-how of passionate winemakers. They have specific mutual signs to lead you to their cellar.

Museums and Heritage




Pierre Soulages Museum

Departmental Museum of Traditional Arts and Jobs – Salles-la-Source

This museum is built in the old wool mill and sheet manufacture. It presents the traditional arts and jobs in the Rouergue (local region) in 4 sections: old machines (mill and press), the humans and the mineral world (building and metalworking), the humans and the plant world (agriculture and woodworking), the humans and the animal world (hunting, fishing and farming). Reconstruction of a traditional wine cellar and of a wool mill from the 19th. Planetarium to learn to look at the sky and understand its mysteries.

Cathedral of Rodez

Go to the conquest of the bell tower of the cathedral! High of 87 meters, the bell tower of the cathedral seems to look after the town for centuries. Come discover its secrets during an unforgettable visit which make you live the past of the cathedral.

Follow your guide… From the old medieval houses of the canonical quarters to the submit of the bell tower, he leads you to the discovery of this impressive tower which it’s still the record-holder of the highest flat bell tower in France!

Conques – Jourey book

Video in French, automatic generated English subtitles available.